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kirstie20plus said: Hiya :) I'm new to Fairy Kei as I found the name of what I've been dressing in! xD I was wondering if I am doing it right - Can you start with a black base (shoes, skirt, tights) and add colours elsewhere? Like a cute top+jewellery+headband+bag etc in pastel? I've seen a LOT of full pastel outfits, but I love to add black in with it! :3

Thanks for your question sweetie, and so sorry if you asked awhile ago! I think black can look adorable with the colors and accessories of fairy kei, but would probably be more considered popkei or spooky kei. As long as it’s cute and you feel happy wearing it, go for it~! <3 I think black and white polka dot combos go really well with pastel colors, too!

fairykeibarbie said: I love your blog so much!

Thank you, I’m so happy~! ^^ <3

cosmic-tea-time-deactivated2014 said: I wanted to let you know that your blog was one of the first that I ever followed on Tumblr after creating an account, which was a very long time ago now(I believe that it was summer of 2011, possibly spring). I stalked it for quite a while before finally breaking down and creating an account, along with a few others. Your blog is still one of my favorites. Even though in reality, it has not been that long, your blog is somehow nostalgic to me, and I hope that it becomes active once again! ^_^ ♥

Thank you so much for the lovely memory sweetie! I’m so glad this blog has helped lead you into the Tumblr addiction and given you happy feelings. FYFK will definitely become active again, and I hope we can all enjoy the pastel cute fashions long into the future! ^^

I’m always open for submissions, so feel free to pass along anything you think would fit! <3

lilacmikes said: I adore your blog! Any tips on toning fairy-kei down to a casual school look? Thanks.

Thank you sweetie~!

As far as toning down for school (or work) I think the tiered knit ruffle skirts or simple tule skirts are great and less flashy than the traditional layered tutu style petticoats. They can be found online or at most shops like Forever21 very easily. They pair well with leggings, which everyone is carrying now in a variety of cute prints. You can pair them with cute tshirts (for school) or pastel tops (for work) and then cover with a cute cardigan, bolero, or vest. The layered effects looks awesome for fairy kei, and with a few mix and match pieces you can focus the rest of your back to school budget on cute accessories and jewelry. <3 Hope that helps!

punpernickles-deactivated201403 said: Hey! I've always really loved fairykei and lolita and all that type of fashion but I don't feel too confident wearing it in public. Do you have any advice for that?

It can be hard dressing apart from the norm in public, especially in places that are less accepting than others. I’ve dressed like a silly princess in lovely Seattle with no one taking a second look, and in my little hick hometown where people would ask the rudest questions. It really comes down to how it makes you feel. For me, dressing in a way that makes me feel happy is most important. I expect that some people won’t understand, and prepare myself to respond to those people. Usually just keeping a smile on my face and answering honestly works. They may still be confused, but that’s their problem and not mine.

As with anything in life, it’s important that we do what makes us happy for us and don’t stifle ourselves for others. On the other hand, it’s important to consider the other side. I know I would be so much more depressed if I was forced to wear plain “normal” clothing everyday, but someone else being happy to dress that way isn’t something I let bother me. The trick is being accepting of others, and doing your best to respond to un-accepting people in a way that makes them consider their own behavior. 

I hope that helps. Finding like-minded people to dress up with you and go out can help with the anxiety, too! <3

pastelpatronum said: Kumamiki is not a shop girl ^^ she is the owner of Party Baby ^^

Thank you for the info! I actually use the “shop girl” tag to identify both people who work in the shops as well as the owners, to simplify things. So “shop girl” implies anyone who is involved with the brand. ♡ 

spookyboohellspawn said: I've been wanting to coordinate my own style of fairy-kei which would he something darker....I want it to be lessserious than other gothic styles and focus on cartoon villains.. with a color scene of black with pastel mixed just to.d a way to mix dark and cute... I could call it spooky-kei or creepy-kei.... I'm ranting to you case you would have any ideas or may have seen something like this etc

I think that’s a great outfit idea, I love villians a lot myself. <3 I say dress however you want, you don’t need a label to be happy. ^^ Careful making new labels, though, as it tends to confuse people.

As for existing labels… Oshare-kei could be similar to what you’re thinking, because it involves a lot of dark colors mixed in with bright colors with a humorous aire. Or Pop-kei if you would be using a lot of vintage 80s/90s villians, but a heavy concentration of black would pull it away from Pop-kei.

akitobunny said: wonderful tumblr *-*

Thank you sweetie~! <3

dollyrotted said: The pictures don't show up.. is it just me or is anyone else having this problem? :(

I’m sorry to hear that! ;_; I don’t notice any problem on this end, and I use Google Chrome. Anyone else having this issue?

enrequiem said: Not really a question, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm absolutely in love with your blog. It's always a picker-upper. Whenever I'm feeling down or stressed out, I just come on here and no matter what I'm always smiling and cheerful once I get off.

Thank you so much for running a quality blog! I'm sure you hear that a lot, but you know :D

That’s so sweet of you, and so wonderful to hear! All the pastel fluff always makes me smile too, I’m glad I’m not the only one! <3

splintering said: oh my gosh i'm so happy i found this blog, i'm in love!

I’m so glad you like it, thank you~! <3

snail-child said: Good online FairyKei shops that are cheap? :P

That’s a difficult one, since so many Japanese brands are pricey. If you’re looking for accessories, Etsy is your best choice, since a lot of people make handmade accessories similar to what the main stores carry but charge less. You can also find sellers local to your country, which cuts down on shipping costs. Try searching “fairykei” or “fairy kei” and you’ll get a lot of hits.

Some Etsy stores I like:
Sugar Star Candies
Loja Lolita Emporium
Zefora Creative
Bonjour Honey

For accessories and jewelry, Cute Can Kill is also a wonderful option, with adorable limited things and great customer service from a sweet gal.

Bodyline is very affordable, and where a lot of people buy their petticoats and shoes, but they stopped their DHL one price for everything shipping, so shipping is now a bit more costly.

Refuse to be Usual on Ebay carries a variety of lolita / fairy kei inspired outfits, and a lot of them are really cute. They’re not super cheap, but still generally less than the main Japanese brands.

One of the best ways to pickup cheaper FairyKei items online though is to become members of communities on places like livejournal, and watch for selling posts. People tend to be very fair with their second time around pricing.

LJ Popkei / Fairykei Community
LJ Fairykei Community
LJ Popkei / Fairykei Sales Community
LJ EGL Sales Community

lolitalols-deactivated20130607 said: Do you know where Moko ( gets her fairy kei from? I've been looking around and haven't found the brands (besides AP and 6% Doki Doki and Swimmer -- those I know she wear for sure) she wear. I like the simplicity of it. :)

From what I understand, she does make her own stuff, and shops at crafter events buying other people’s homemade goods. I imagine some things are vintage finds as well.

If anyone has more specific information for lolitalols, please let us know! <3

wobbuff3t said: your blog is AWESOME! i love it :3

Thank you~! <3

lunarm0xie said: Do you know where this is from? xx

I’m not 100% sure, it could be Angelic Pretty, but there was also an independent seller making similar pieces. Can anybody help her out?