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Affordable FairyKei Shopping Online

That’s a difficult one, since so many Japanese brands are pricey. If you’re looking for accessories, Etsy, Artfire, and Storenvy are your best choices, since a lot of people make handmade accessories similar to what the main stores carry but charge less. You can also find sellers local to your country, which cuts down on shipping costs. Try searching “fairykei” or “fairy kei” and you’ll get a lot of hits. 

Some Etsy stores I like:
Sugar Star Candies
Loja Lolita Emporium
Zefora Creative
Bonjour Honey

For accessories and jewelry, Cute Can Kill is also a wonderful option, with adorable limited things and great customer service from a sweet gal.

Bodyline is very affordable, and where a lot of people buy their petticoats and shoes, but they stopped their DHL one price for everything shipping, so shipping is now a bit more costly.

Refuse to be Usual on Ebay carries a variety of lolita / fairy kei inspired outfits, and a lot of them are really cute. They’re not super cheap, but still generally less than the main Japanese brands.

One of the best ways to pickup cheaper FairyKei items online though is to become members of communities on places like livejournal, and watch for selling posts. People tend to be very fair with their second time around pricing.

LJ Popkei / Fairykei Community
LJ Fairykei Community
LJ Popkei / Fairykei Sales Community
LJ EGL Sales Community

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